Nonwoven consumption is constantly increasing: raw material suppliers and converter suppliers facing the need to fulfill new market trends and demands because wider market application requiring new materials, sizes and specifications.

LEVRA is an alternative technology for producing wet wipes substrates that gives significant eco benefits and advantages in terms of performance and cost compared to the most popular wet wipe substrate production methods.

LEVRA does not require the hydroentanglement process to deliver web integrity, and it does not require the dryer system. We have identified a breakthrough technical solution to solve the engineering contradiction of combining polyolefin fibers with natural fibers (not thermoplastic).

Cost saving

LEVRA production has a shorter supply chain than traditional spunlace, moreover the dry lap pulp shows a price trend lower than viscose and polyester.

High quality

LEVRA material is showing technical characteristics that are matching with convertibility requirements as excellent wiping properties in wicking tests, low level of dust generation and very good wet strength.